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Identity & Logo Design

Identity, logo, branding... What's the difference? Here's a great article to explain.
Logo Design is basically the visual sum of all things represented in your company. Identity design encompasses other marketing materials, like business cards, stationary, and any type of promotional product that would represent your business/event/idea.I specialize in helping you develop your brand, with a high quality logo. And to finish it off, provide you with everything you need to develop your identity.

Print Design

Prints are everywhere! Mailers, brochures, billboards, magazines, and even on the sides of buses. Designing for print requires a well rounded understanding of layout and composition. Every job has special needs. Less-experienced designers might "wing it" and do what looks good. But an ill-formatted job will cause more time, and cost more in the end. I work with the printing companies to make sure its designed in appropriate standards for high-quality print production.

Web & Multimedia Design

Solid design experience coupled with programming skills and a grasp on usability, opens a whole new world of visual communications. The key ingredient to web and multimedia design is to stimulate the senses with motion graphics, websites, slideshows, flash presentations, emails, and dynamic screen designs. New developments are under way, so bookmark this page and check back frequently for updates.